The Biomechanics Advantage

Over the past few decades, we have watched the evolution of sports reaching new heights in performance. Although we have been entertained by athletes for centuries, athletes have continued to shatter the records of their predecessors. Of course, improved strength-training and conditioning systems have played a role, but there’s far more to it when pushing the boundaries of human performance and stretching the envelope on the laws of physics: those intangibles, invisible to most people, that escape their perception.

Indeed, the naked eye fails to capture these minute details for precise analysis and evaluation. But it is often within these moments frozen time—the nanoseconds on video—that we capture the miniscule subtleties of force and torque, often wasted due to the limitations of human vision. These fractions of distance and time that that fly past us have been ignored or considered unnecessary details or negligible errors in technique. How unfortunate it is for those athletes who’ve ignored these fragments of life, which could easily have converted them as a virtual unknown into a world champion or perhaps… the greatest ever!

For this reason, biomechanics has become a burgeoning field amongst the elite in the world of athletics. Biomechanics is the fresh territory where millimeters, nanoseconds, moments of inertia and rotational accelerations can determine whether you are an Olympic spectator or participant. None of us are a stranger to that friendly beer-guzzling, lounge-lizard quarterback or “Uncle Rico” in our life who missed their opportunity for the big time, based on an isolated event or movement they rehearse over and over.

As a private coach, I have worked with young athletes who had no idea what biomechanics even was, let alone the subtle intricacies of qualitative video analysis—and I have seen just one adjustment to a youngster’s technique totally transform their life, turning a novice into a champion or All-American, sometimes overnight.

In business, I often heard Art Williams say, “There never has been, nor will there ever be a test that can measure the heart of a man or woman.” While this is true, heart is only part of it, because there is another essential factor, the cornerstone of “The Edge” system to fail-proof success – Awareness.

Awareness is the key to greatness.

Knowing there are millions of invisible and undetectable influences that determine the outcome of an athletic or corporate success—what then should you give your attention to? That is, what specifically?

This is The Key—knowing how to ignore the irrelevant, and more importantly, what to focus on.

In sports, through qualitative video analysis, it is possible to determine what the significant variables are. Ever wonder why some coaches who have been training athletes for decades seem to turn out champion after champion, while others teach the same ineffective drills and attend the same coaching seminars year after year, yielding mediocre teams repeatedly, in spite of their long hours at the chalk board? Often these coaches attempt to instruct out of their field of expertise, failing to apply cutting-edge technology that can help players to be their best and receive the necessary exposure that can earn their players scholarships and build school recognition that provides opportunities for future generations. Why?

In professional leagues, this insecurity, ignorance or stubbornness can even prevent athletes from receiving valuable incentives or making a starting lineup. It is my experience that even most successful coaches still do not know how to maximize necessary efficiency and basic skills that prepare players for the next level.

It’s time to realize how you and your team can transcend any influences that may be preventing your success, from earning a scholarship to contracting with the big leagues to setting league records. In the process, you’ll discover how to be an even more integral team player. Click here to get The Edge.

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