“When I discovered Nick, I knew he had trained many collegiate and even NFL kickers, so I felt lucky to train with him. He spent countless hours refining both the physical and mental aspects of kicking with me and taught me awesome technical skills. In fact, I use these every day of my life! Nick constantly instilled in me that I can achieve anything. As a High School and Collegiate All-American, I was recruited by over 60 colleges, so I worked hard, but none of my accomplishments would have been possible without the instruction, friendship and inspiration of Nick Gancitano.”

Blair Walsh
Minnesota Vikings All-Pro Place-Kicker


“Nick Gancitano has been the most instrumental influence in my success as a high school, collegiate and NFL free agent kicker. Throughout my experience in college and NFL training camp, I never met anyone else with Nick’s level of knowledge and experience in both the mental and mechanical aspects of kicking. Nick’s unique coaching style helped me maximize my potential and success as a field goal kicker.”

Brian Kopka
All American, University of Maryland


“Nick Gancitano’s book offers a wealth of amazing insights, not just for athletes but for all. It quickly inspired profound transformations in my life and sport! Its message introduced me to an open-hearted way of living that changed my life. After reading Nick’s first book, I got amped when I heard about this book for athletes, which felt like it addressed me directly. For every athlete on any level, The Edge of Glory is a must-read that will hone you into The Zone, so you can be at your best!”

Scott Stewart
Professional Wakeboarder


“Whether you’re new to martial arts or an accomplished veteran, this book is for you. The Edge of Glory is the perfect guide for directing you to your limitless potential!”

Sensei Katherine Sanson
Shio Karate Club


“As a pro golfer, Nick’s path into The Zone changed my life. I highly recommend The Edge of Glory to anyone who wants the absolute most out of their sport or career.”

Dennis Xiques
Professional Golfer


“Being around Nick, I have realized that all my limitations never existed and in fact were purely imagined.”

Chris Gardner
Professional Football Player


“I now have an unrelenting focus and clear intention of purpose.”

Kevin O’Neill
Professional Basketball Player


“After working with Nick, I am now able to abide in more frequent and prolonged states of stillness, peace and joy with a decrease in undesired mental activity. The way in which the info was delivered — the systematic order — was ingenious in ‘exposing’ the truth.”

Christopher Christoff
Michigan State University Football Player


“Positive, and honestly, illuminating! Nick’s program was instrumental in helping me cease resisting and see the ‘big picture.'”

Karen Talavera
Synchronicity Marketing


“This is the most comprehensive, well-structured program I’ve ever attended. I am blown away by its intelligence, interactivity and fun. The peaceful environment completely supports contemplation of life’s big questions in and beyond the training room. I enjoyed the transmission of felt insights — a deepening way beyond intellectual understanding.”

Stephanie Berger
Health Communications, Inc. (Chicken Soup for the Soul publisher)


“Very enlightening, useful, practical, fun and insightful. I achieved my objective, which was to acquire tools for obtaining on-going happiness and contentment. The facility and accommodations were perfect. I have had a life-changing experience for sure.”

—Ron Carter
General Contractor


“Mind-shattering, complete de-programming. I benefited from recognizing my ability to live outside the conditioned patterns of what I see as real. Nick’s workshop uses tools for visual learning and interactivity — facilitating complete understanding.”

—Ryan McCauley
Mixed Martial Arts